Is Sparkling Water Bad for Your Teeth?

Is Sparkling Water Bad for Your Teeth?

In today’s very health-conscious world, sparkling water is becoming more and more popular. While people are avoiding soda, they still want that carbonation in their drink. It is one of the reasons products like SodaStream are flying off the shelves right now. There have been concerns, though, that even without the sugar, these drinks may cause damage to teeth, which is what we are going to look at today.

About That Soda…

Before we get into the impact of carbonated or sparkling water, it is worth mentioning the damage that can be done with sugary drinks. Soda is usually packed with artificial flavorings, color, and of course, sugar. In addition to be a danger to your health, if you consume too much, there is also the problem of the sugary residue remaining on the teeth afterward. If you must give in to the urge to have a soda every now and again, be sure to rinse immediately afterward with some water and brush your teeth when you get home.

Sparkling Water and Teeth

Overall, it is nothing but good news when it comes to regular sparkling water. Studies have been done on this and they found that in most cases, sparkling waters came in with a pH level above 4.0, which is considered to be “minimally erosive” by the ADA. Oddly enough, when the carbonated waters were left to drop in temperature and became less carbonated, the pH level rose, meaning it is less harmful to teeth that when it is at its coldest and we assume, it’s tastiest

Comparatively, sports drinks and sodas regularly rate below a 3.0 in these studies, with the lower the number being more harmful. We bring that up because today, many people are buying devices like SodaStream and adding flavoring to the water. In many cases, these flavorings have some type of sweetener that can change the pH level of the drink. Point being, if you do invest in a device such as a SodaStream to save money on soft drinks, be very careful with what you are using to flavor your water. In most cases, you would be far better off using fresh fruit than the flavoring syrups offered.

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