Benefits of Using a Water Flosser

Benefits of Using a Water Flosser

How often have you gone to a dental appointment thinking you would come out with flying colors only to walk away with a scolding from your dentist and a report of gum problems? The worst thing about it is that you flossed, or at least tried to floss, every night just like you were told to. You brushed your teeth twice a day, yet you still came away with the same old problems.

Are You Really Flossing?

While many people insist they floss properly, is that what they are really doing? While you may floss once or twice a week, or even daily, are you even doing it properly? Are you getting to the back teeth where most people tend to have problems?

If you are going to the dentist every six months and still have gum problems, the likely answer to the question is that you are probably NOT flossing properly or nearly as often as you should.

Easier, Less Time Consuming

The solution for many people to address this issue is using a water flosser. Now, opinions are mixed whether a water flosser can outright replace regular flossing. Additionally, if you don’t think flossing is beneficial, you probably will not think a water flosser will make a difference either. While doing both is recommended, if you are crunched for time or simply don’t like flossing regularly, the water flosser will help keep your gums healthy. There is data that shows in some respects, a water flosser is more effective in certain areas.

After recommending a water flosser to a friend who was having dental issues, he described his first use of a water flosser as “a crime scene.” He was amazed at how many small particles of food were sitting in the sink after a single pass. It was unlike anything he had ever seen with traditional floss. Something else he noticed, and something the data points to, is that his dentist told him he had less plaque buildup during his first visit AFTER using the water flosser on a regular basis.

Water flossers are also very effective at both removing bacteria caught in the little pockets in the mouth and massaging the gums.

One other area of importance is in flossing for people with existing dental work, such as bridges. Flossing between the gum and the bridge can be difficult. So difficult, in fact, many people forego the process on a regular basis. With a water flosser, these areas are literally cleaned in seconds.

Today, water flossers are very inexpensive, and they even make portable models to take on the road with you when traveling. For the cost, it is worth trying out. You may also find that your dental visits are far less painful and result in less dental issues, which will make the cost of the water flosser well worth it.

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